Cover des Albums "Kommando Zuversicht"


Text Leon Payne
Musik Leon Payne
Acuii Pose Music Inc., Sony
ATV Music Publishing GmbH
Das Original stammt aus dem Jahre 1949 von Hank Williams.

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Lost Highway

Im a rollin stone all alone and lost
For a life of sin I have paid the cost
When I pass by all the people say
Just another guy on the lost highway

Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine
And a womans lies makes a life like mine
O the day we met, I went astray
I started rolling down that lost highway

I was just a lad, nearly 22
Neither good nor bad, just a kid like you
And now Im lost, too late to pray
Lord I take a cost, o the lost highway

Now boys dont start to ramblin round
On this road of sin are you sorrow bound
Take my advice or youll curse the day
You started rollin down that lost highway

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