Cover der Single "Längere Tage/Astronaut in Bagdad"


Text Julian Dawson
Musik Jörg Sander & Leo Schmidthals
Verlag Weltverbesserer Musikverlag/Copyright Control
Titel Längere Tage
Astronaut in Bagdad
Astronaut in Baghdad

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Astronaut in Baghdad

Eyes full of fear staring at you
Hooded under the sun
An alien place
And the look on her face
Cold as the flash of a gun

Eyes full of fear reddened with dust
That clings to us like glue
We’re going on in
Finger on the trigger
Before they make a move

Astronaut in Baghdad
Exploding rodeo (Deadly Rodeo)
Everything’s wrong
I don’t belong
Should be in Idaho

Astronaut in Baghdad
A stranger lost in space
The God of the Dead
Is our daily bread
We never see his face

The colonel swore that winning the war
Was just a matter of time
(Says) there’ll be medals all round
But he’s not on the ground
Putting his life on the line

Shimmering heat on bullet-proof steel
Each step could be your last
Joe was singing
Some sixties song
When he got caught in the blast

Astronaut in Baghdad
Exploding Rodeo
Please wait for me
Back in Ohio

Astronaut in Baghdad
A stranger out in space
We don’t really fight
They hit us at night
Their God says that heaven waits

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